Post Partum

Mother With Child

The Active Recovery Clinic provides individualized one-on-one sessions for post partum mothers (8 weeks to 30 years) to assist in re-training core and pelvic floor muscles weakened as a result of pregnancy and delivery. Poor control of these muscles could result in low back pain, hip pain, bladder incontinence and other related ailments.

How Do We Teach You?

The education is both instructional and physical.

You will receive a brief description of the anatomy of the bones, joints and muscles of your lower back and pelvis. We will discuss how the lower back and pelvis function during lifting, carrying, walking etc., and how pregnancy changes the ability of the lower back and pelvis to perform these tasks well.

It is essential to regain stabilization of your back and pelvis to avoid chronic low back and pelvis pain and to avoid prolapse of your uterus and bladder incontinence in future years.

You will learn how to isolate your deep abdominal muscles and make them strong again, and to retrain your stretched and perhaps torn pelvic floor muscles. We will then progress your exercise program to include more functional activities. At the completion of the sessions, you will have the necessary exercise skills to continue your program at home or at an exercise facility.

The class is taught by a registered physiotherapist and runs for 4 sessions. Those women suffering from back or hip pain may require further therapy. Each client will also receive a booklet outlining all the key components instructed.

The post partum program is located at both the Taunton and Courtice locations.

Contact Courtice Location

Phone: 905-721-4335

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