Motor Vehicle Accident

Spine Treatment

The Active Recovery Clinic offers the unique multi-disciplinary approach to the assessment and treatment of Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries. Our goal is to return clients back to their pre-injury lifestyle as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Our team consists of registered physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, certified kinesiologists, and psychological consultants.

Your first visit will include a detailed physical assessment. You and your therapist will determine an appropriate treatment plan for you, based on your injuries and your lifestyle. At the Active Recovery Clinic, we believe that the patients must take an active role in their treatments in order to obtain optimal recoveries. Within the first few visits, you will be introduced to our kinesiologist to identify your job and physical restrictions. An active exercise program will be commenced starting with injury-specific exercises and gradually progressing to functional restoration. During your road to recovery with us, massage and/or acupuncture may also be recommended or requested.

Our motor vehicle accident (MVA) program is designed specifically to help patients who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident to return to work or activities of daily living as soon as possible. A gradual return to work and activities of normal living is continuously encouraged with the intention of full return on completion once the program has been completed.

Clients involved in a motor vehicle accident must contact their insurance company to inform them. You will receive an accident benefits package that must be filled out in order to qualify for funding. The Active Recovery Clinic will be required to fill out some of these forms and will assist you with the others if necessary.

According to legislation, all clients must exhaust their extended health benefits for physiotherapy and massage. Any invoices not covered by them will be covered by auto insurance.

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