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The Active Recovery Clinic offers physiotherapy and injury prevention programs designed for the special needs of the injured golfer. This golf rehabilitation program incorporates the most up-to-date scientific knowledge in the assessment and treatment of golf injuries. Many golfers purchase fancy and expensive equipment with the hopes of improving their game when in fact many times it is their fitness ability that is affecting their score. Fitness is by definition the ability to move or perform a task with optimal efficiency.

Fitness is composed of many things including: posture, trunk stability, flexibility, muscle strength, coordination and cardiovascular ability. Any weakness, stiffness, muscle imbalance or poor agility can and will result in a reduction in one’s optimal ability, thus leading to decreased performance levels and injuries. The better the body, the better the performance.

Our registered physiotherapists are trained to assess your golf fitness abilities and help reduce any physical restrictions. Based on the findings as well as the client goals, an individual program is developed for the golfer. Our programs are scientifically based and designed to specifically train your golf muscles. The program is discussed and demonstrated to the client on a second visit, with follow up visits scheduled to progress the program.

For those gofers experiencing pain, they may require more visits to address the injury.

Our golf fit program is appropriate for any golfer wanting to improve his/her strength flexibility agility, balance and cardio fitness, as well as for the injured golfer and the golfer looking for a pre-season conditioning program.

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