• Virtual Physiotherapy Coming Soon!

    Virtual Physio Coming Soon!

    Coming soon - we'll be offering a subset of our services virtually through video conferencing. Stay tuned!

  • Active RecoverySports Injury & Rehabilitation Clinic

    Start Your Recovery Journey

    Come in for assessment, treatment and functional restoration of your injuries.

  • Start Your Journey To Recovery

    Get Back On Your Feet

    Returning you to your pre-injured lifestyle at work, home and play.

  • OsteoporosisTreatment & Prevention

    Determine Your Risk Factors

    A program designed to improve bone density and reduce the risk of falls.

  • Golf Fit ProgramGet Your Game Back On

    Golf Fit Program

    Physiotherapy and injury prevention programs designed for the special needs of the injured golfer.

  • Massage TherapyDecrease body tension & emotional stress

    Massage Relieves Suffering

    Massage therapy improves your range of motion, decreases pain, inflammation, stiffness, and increases overall health.

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